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NFT Checkout:
Experience the Future of NFT Commerce

Switch Pay introduces an innovative gateway to the world of NFTs, tailored for brands, creators, and marketplaces. Our NFT Checkout is designed to redefine how your users interact with digital assets.

  • Global Reach:  Sell NFTs in 160+ countries.
  • Versatile Payment Options: Enable your global user base to buy NFTs with credit/debit cards, Apple or Google Pay.
  • In-game Tokens Supported:  170+ digital assets and tokens are supported.

Supporting all major NFT Chains

Switch Pay NFT Checkout supports major NFT chains and all EVM-compatible chains.

Easy to Integrate

Get started today and elevate your app’s crypto capabilities to new heights!

import React from 'react';

import { NFTVoucher } from '@nerdunited-switch/switchpay-components';

const MyComponent = () => {

   const handleClosingModal = (isCompleted) => {

   // Close modal



return (






     metadata={{ foo: 'bar' }}


Frequently Asked Questions

Switch Pay provides robust security with 100% chargeback protection on every sale, forever. Additionally, the platform supports a 30-second KYC process that significantly reduces the time it takes to onboard users, ensuring a balance between security and convenience.

Switch Pay offers a streamlined NFT purchase process with a high 95% approval rate for transactions ranging from $0.01 to $75K, ensuring broad accessibility and flexibility. The platform simplifies the checkout experience to about 1 minute, including a 30-second KYC process, allowing for quick and secure transactions. This approach is designed to double the potential user base for buying NFTs by simplifying the entry requirements, all while providing 100% chargeback protection for every sale.

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